Avi Sic Gives 10 Essential Production Tips To Newcomers And Inspires Us

We had the opportunity to chat a little bit with Avi Sic about her music production method, but the best of all is the confidence she has in herself and in her work, which is much needed in the industry and very inspiring for us.

DJ and Producer Avi Sic continues to make waves in the scene with each new release she brings out. Avi Sic has been paving the way for her career for years, with her impressive career accolades including 300 annual performances in some of the most prestigious clubs and events, backed by a discography of impressive hits including a remix of ‘All On Me’ with Sammy Adams, and some of her own work like ‘This Feeling’ constantly turning heads from fans and professionals in the same regard. 

1. What software is best to use for beginners?

I wouldn’t say there’s beginner’s software, it’s pretty much learning from the ground up on your preferred DAW. I’m partial to Abelton. Watch some YouTube videos, you can get the hang of it pretty easily.

2. What are the essentials a budding producer needs to start making music without breaking the bank?

All you need is a computer. The keyboard can act as a midi controller. For a beginner, I’d say start there and just learn your preferred DAW. You can purchase or find so many free VST’s to play with that will give you different sounds and FX. But yeah, I’d say don’t break the bank all at once, sometimes the simplest setup can produce the best sounds. You don’t want to complicate yourself that can be more limiting. Personally, I use a Komplete Kontrol because I play the piano, so for me, that’s easiest to hammer out chords. I also use the PUSH 2 for a handful of purposes.


3. Have you got any suggestions for books/YouTube channels people learn from?

‘Home Recording for dummies’ is actually a pretty great read. Also ‘You suck at producing’ is a cool YouTube channel. Teaches you a lot about musicality, theory and arrangements.

4. What is your advice on sampling?

Go for it. Most music you listen to is sampled or borrowed in some sense honestly. Just be aware of the limitations and the inside outs of the music business as far as legality goes but there is a lot of inspiration behind sampling.

5. Which part of the track should you start with?

That’s different for everyone and sometimes different for each song. I typically am drawn to a vocal or melody first then I build around that. Drums usually come in second for me. But other’s I know to start with the Beat first.

6. What plugins are best to download first?

You want something that gives you opportunities to create unique sounds. I like Omnisphere, Massive, Serum

7. Is it important to learn an instrument?

I think it is completely necessary to have a good understanding of music theory, learning an instrument is a bonus obviously.

8. Do you think it’s necessary to learn how to mix and master?

No, it isn’t. In the beginning, I thought one person does it all, but you come to learn it takes a village to create something well. Everyone brings a different skill to the table. Composition is way different from mixing or mastering. Personally, I compose and do some mixing, but I leave mastering to a professional. It’s an entirely different set of tools, techniques and plugins that they need to be familiar with.

9. As a DJ, is there anything producers should avoid doing in their tracks that could be annoying for DJ sets?

Good question! Make sure everything is arranged in a standard beat count. That could really really throw off a DJ lol. Also, I prefer tracks with an intro for mixing purposes.

10. What should a producer do if they’re struggling to find inspiration?

Listen to all kinds of music, even old music that’s new to you. Explore different genres. Also, tune into your past experiences and your feelings. Try to write that down like a piece of music – that will go far because it’s honest work.

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