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Get To Know The Powerhouse Artist Eric Redd

Eric Redd has long been a powerful force on the music scene; with over four decades of experience working within the creative industries, his impact on the landscape of Electronic Music cannot be overlooked. A multi-disciplined artist, his career has been detailed with several exciting moments, including working with top DJs like Liam Keegan, Ralph Rosario, and Eddie Amador, to name just a few of the highlights that have stood out from within his impressive musical journey. Now, we’re thrilled that the talented artist is joining us to talk about his life outside of music, giving us a glimpse into his favourite ways to relax, his favourite food, and his hobbies.

Hey Eric Redd! How are you?

Very good. Working on an exciting new project…

What do you like to do to relax? Do you have any hobbies outside of your creative disciplines?

I live near the beach now, so I spend a lot of time enjoying the sand and sun these days. I’m also an avid shopper (shopper not always purchaser). In my early career days, I did a lot of modelling, so I love clothing design (women’s and men’s) and watching it change and evolve. I’m also very much into Real Estate, so property shopping is another passion.

Can you describe your perfect day?

Coffee on my terrace playing ball with my dog. Then to the gym for a workout, with a sauna and whirlpool after. Time to relax with the dog and a bit of lunch with a friend. A long walk alone with the headphones discovering new music and bringing in new ideas passing by beautiful windows of interesting store fronts. Stopping in a cafe to write some lyrics. Home for a nap, then planning dinner while making dinner for my dog, having a glass of great champagne. Seafood dinner on the beach. Bedtime with someone special.

If you could invite one person to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?

My Mother or Father. They’re both gone now. I have so much to tell them. I’ll take either….

What is something that never fails to put you in a good mood?

Soul Food, Dance Music, Paris, France, buying a great timeless article of clothing, singing and songwriting.

Is there something on your bucket list that you have yet to do?

I’ve never been to Brazil.. (I’ve had 2 trips cancelled) and I’ve never owned more than one dog at a time.

What is your favourite food?

There are 3: soul food recipes of Turkey w/ Cornbread dressing, Macaroni and Cheese and German Chocolate Cake – foods of my childhood.

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Dancing. I love to dance; I love to make music to dance to.

What is your dream travel destination?

The South of France (again) Amalfi Coast. Singapore.

Do you have any pets?

I have a 7yo black Labrador. I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. He’s my everything. Makes my life so much more beautiful with him in it…

As we close this interview, we thank Eric Redd for taking the time to speak with us and for sharing a look into his seemingly ever-creative life; we look forward to keeping up with him as he continues on his ever-captivating musical journey, releasing stellar productions and delivering unforgettable live shows.

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