Gus Major

Gus Major’s Cheerful Last Release Of 2021: “Dance All Night”

Gus Major consolidates his Slap House sound with “Dance All Night”.

Since our review of “The Creator”, Gus Major has kept working on his music career, releasing powerful singles and proving his wide variety of music production skills and resources.

Fly High, Somewhere, D.I.P, Go fund go or Wealthy are some of the tracks that Gus Major has released in 2021 and there is no better way to say goodbye to 2021 than releasing his latest track: “Dance All Night“.

With “Dance All Night”, Gus Major goes deep into the Slap House and Deep House rabbit hole, aligning punchy kicks with even punchier basslines under the vocals, which appear as the main character of the song.

In order to achieve that distinguishing bumpy sound, “Dance All Night” gets completed with bassline fills that guarantee the listener a danceable and radio-friendly rhythm.

I created “Dance All Night” to invoke a strong feeling of rhythm;  a groovy Slap House/Deep House track that  will have people dancing even if they are not intending to. I really enjoyed working on this project and it is also awesome to see the crowd’s positive reactions when I play this song in my DJ sets. As of right now, I am currently working on a new dance project that I am excited about, which is motivation for more new releases this year as well.

Gus Major

Gus Major has been creating music for 23 years, constantly renewing himself from his early trajectory in the 2000´s, being mentored about the music industry by his music production partner at the time and the artist Money B, which opened doors for placements with Ice Cube, The Game, and WC; and also production credits on Ras Kass’s and Royce Da 5 ‘9’s song “Attitude” through the production team at that moment Beat Mafia, under his previous name as Augustine Embeatz Sumo.

This path started around 2001 – 2009, when Timbaland, Kanye West and The Neptunes heavily influenced his production style, a decade that brought us dance hits like Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado or Sexy Back by Justing Timberlake – produced by Danjahanz. Fast forward to 2012 his productions sound changed being influenced by Deadmau5, Joel Corry, Meduza and Oliver Heldens.


Working as a DJ, forces Gus to be dynamic with his sounds, mixing his own tracks with popular songs that move the crowd, in a growing music scene in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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