Zander Shine

In The Studio With Talented Producer And DJ Zander Shine

In this In the Studio interview, we get an exclusive peek into the workspace and creative process of Zander Shine. Zander shares insights into his studio setup, favourite equipment, and the essential tools for building a music production studio. From discussing his choice of DAW to his recent gear additions, Zander provides a behind-the-scenes look at his music production journey, offering valuable advice for budding producers along the way.

Hello Zander Shine, how’s it going?

I’m very excited about the upcoming year and planning out my releases so keeping busy. Also enjoying spending holiday time with my family.

Zander Shine

To start, tell us about your studio setup.

For my audio equipment, I have a pair of Adam A7X’s and a Sub10 MKII. I built my own desk made from solid wood, I went with poplar and patina steel welded legs for the base. I have the Komplete Kontrol S88 midi keyboard, and my audio interface is the Apollo Twin X. I also have a 40” Ultrawide curved LG monitor that maximizes my workflow when producing, I love it. For DJ equipment, I have the XDJ-RX3 system, it’s a lot of fun and good to practice on before live shows.

Which DAW is your most used?

Logic is my DAW of choice. I’ve always had Apple computers and felt like the most natural choice.

Have you been experimenting or using any other pieces of gear and equipment recently?

My most recent piece of gear I got was the Pioneer XDJ-RX3, it’s great because as soon as I create or finish an ID, I can upload it directly to my USB drive, plug it in and hear how it sounds mixed in with my other tracks already in my library.

Can you remember what the first piece of equipment you bought was? 

Yes absolutely, the very first piece of equipment I bought was a pair of Adam A3X’s. Since then, I’ve stuck with the same brand, only upgraded.

Do you have any favourite plugins?

Serum is my go-to for synth patches and sound design. Being able to design and modify sounds is very straightforward with this VST. I do also like using Nexus 3 too, it has some great presets.

Zander Shine
Zander Shine

What do you hope to add to your studio next?

The next piece of equipment I plan on purchasing is going to be a microphone for tracking vocals in my studio.

Are there any pieces of equipment that you would say are essential when first starting to build a studio setup?

I would say to either have a pair of studio monitors or high-quality headphones, and a capable laptop, since I run so many programs at once having a reliable and efficient computer is equally important to me. Also optionally having a MIDI keyboard is really helpful even if it’s a small one it can help with workflow and creativity enormously.

Can you tell us what your usual workflow looks like when starting a new production?

If I’m starting completely from scratch, normally, I will start with the melody, and create a groove or rhythm. Normally, this ends up being the drop, and that’s the most important part of the track in my opinion. Then, I build out the rest of the arrangement to get the basic idea laid out.

Once I have a more defined vision of where the track is headed sonically it really starts to develop and take shape. From here, I start to add layers of instruments and FX. One piece of advice, is knowing when to step away and come back with fresh ears if stuck on a certain part or element of the track. Just sitting down and trying new ideas can sometimes seem constant, but when I finally find the right sound or melody it’s such a rewarding feeling to hear it all come together as one.

What’s your favourite piece of gear that you own?

My LG 40” Ultrawide Monitor. It’s so nice being able to view the entire project file and have multiple windows open at once if needed.

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