LoopCloud 6.1 is the future of sample subscription services, inspiring you with fresh musical ideas

Loopcloud app by Loopmasters is introducing new features making this incredible music software the best in the market

Loopmasters is a download store like Beatport Sounds where you can take music to any place. This record label was born in Brighton and they define themselves as ‘The #1 provider of 100% royalty-free sample libraries for producers worldwide.’ Last year Beatport acquired this label along with its subsidiaries Loopcloud and Plugin Boutique.

Loopcloud is an online cloud-based service where loops bought from Loopmasters are stored and also organises them by metadata. With this app, you can create samples with your own bass-lines, percussive patterns and arpeggios, and experiment with tracks, effects, tuning and chopping. Any sample on your hard drive or on your cloud can be played along with whatever song you are working on, in real-time and in tune.

The musical software is a monthly subscription plan that offers individual sounds that can be previewed directly in your productions allowing you to audition any samples in any DAW, alongside the tune you are working on. It has a highly streamlined interface that works either as an independent service or as a downloadable VST plugin.

Loopcloud 6 was released in April 2021 and included audio filters, new effects, sample export options, a new dark theme and AI searching and tagging to make it easier to find music through the database. The “sound-matching” algorithm, finds the music that works better with your sample, matching it harmonically, rhythmically or just by similar sounds.

Loopmasters updated Loopcloud with its 6.1 version, introducing new characteristics for the handling of session file making and the saving and recalling of musical templates, making it much easier and intuitive.

These new tools, along with the accompanying plug-ins and edit-before-you-buy capabilities, might just make it the best subscription sample service out there. You can find 15 video tutorials on the web, from how to install the software, to more advanced skills, like using the drum sequencer.

You can try it for free with the 30-day trial by creating an account here. There are 3 different plans: artist (£6,99), studio (£10,99) and professional (£19,99). The latter includes more cloud storage, free sounds every day and the usage of the application on 4 different machines.

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