Lydsten Presents His New EP Calcite On Enlace Records

Lydsten: a story of contrast, somewhere between electronica, deep house and techno.

Solo artist on stage as in studio, he takes this contrast from his Scandinavian origins from which he draws his inspiration to paint a certain icy image of the world around him.

Literally, lydsten translates to sound stone in Danish. Accompanied by his synthesizers and drum machines, it is live that his music takes another dimension, with resolutely analog, powerful sounds.


Spotted in particular by the Touquet Beach Music festival as well as the Jardin Electronique or Imaginarium Festival, he is slowly making a place in the North of France future electronic scene.

His first release under the name lydsten was in March 2021 on Enlace Records: an EP of 4 varied titles, that marks the beginning of his musical renewal. It will be followed by remixes of artists from the new French electronic scene, as well as several live sessions and clips.

Lydsten unveils the different facets of his universe using stones in order to guide his composition work. Amber, Calcite, Beryl … every song is a conceptualized description of a precious stone, in which he delivers in a raw way an emotion, sometimes times energetic, melancholic, but always personal.

Inspired by artists such as Kiasmos, David August, or even Bicep, his musical palette is wide and he delivers concerts that are always unique, singular, which do not leave you indifferent.

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