USA Producer And DJ Meetch Shares His Journey and Plans for 2024

As the end of 2023 draws near, we’re taking the time to sit down with the talented Producer and DJ Meetch to learn more about his plans for the upcoming year. With the genre of Electronic Music having had a thrilling past twelve months, with countless impressive productions and unforgettable live shows.

Meetch himself played an integral role in the genre’s stellar year, dropping productions like ‘I Became A DJ’ and introducing a fresh and innovative visual dynamic to his live performances with the incorporation of his robot helmet. So, with a promise to keep building momentum, we’re looking forward to discovering what 2024 will have in store for this gifted Producer and DJ.

What’s one personal goal you have set for yourself in the upcoming year, and what steps have you taken to achieve it?

My ultimate goal for 2024 is to land a booking agent. I’ve grinded so hard these years and I’m playing some really big shows and I am 100% ready to take it to the next level. I have a settled robot brand and my helmet has been blowing up locally this last year. My music is getting recognition and great features as well as some label releases too. It’s time to take my brand to new stages whether it’s in the USA or internationally. This is my goal and I believe it’s going to happen.

Can you share an achievement or accomplishment from the past year that you’re most proud of and why?

I think I am most proud of getting my official robot head completed for my shows. I have built so many custom heads for the last decade so when I found out I can make a very real and legit one, I knew what I had to do! And right when I brought it out to the shows, it started to pick up traction immediately. I even got hit up to perform at a new show because they saw me on another stage with the helmet and said I “must wear it because that is what I’m known for.” I loved hearing that, but even if you go back on my Instagram, I have performed over the last decade more without a helmet than with one. But, it’s all coming together!


What’s a new skill or hobby you’re planning to explore in the new year, and what motivated you to pursue it?

I became a realtor in 2023 so I really am picking up some new skills on home buying/selling. I already purchased, renovated, and sold a home so I want to take things to the next level and guide people through the process. I realized I was really good at it and enjoyed the entire process so much that I want to do it consistently but at the same time, I can help other people do it too.

What’s the most exciting project or initiative you have on your radar for the upcoming year, and what impact do you hope it will have?

My radio show, ‘Digital Dance Radio’ is starting to get some big guest mixes coming up so I think that is very exciting! More and more known names will start to be featured on the show and people are going to start to notice how real my show is getting. In addition to that, I think I have some serious collaborations coming up too. I want to make sure they are happening so I don’t want to give any hints or clues – only time will tell!

Reflecting on the past year, what’s one lesson you’ve learned that you intend to carry with you into the new year?

Honestly, I am still working on figuring out any lessons from the last year. Things have been tremendous in the music world, but a little rough in the personal life. But I am not giving up on ANYTHING yet and will let 2024 decide my future! I have goals that I need to complete and I’m so close.

How do you plan to strike a better work-life balance in the upcoming year to improve your overall well-being?

I think I will have better understanding on this once I get to the point where more shows are coming to me and I’m traveling for music. This year I had a little bit too much time on the life balance part and it becomes extremely stressful and sometimes it’s a painful cycle over and over again. I believe music is getting much bigger for me and then I can start balancing my life with a job I truly love.

Can you share your top three New Year’s resolutions? Please explain why they are important to you

I always disliked hearing New Year’s resolution questions. Because they are more so answering “in the moment” and sometimes never really followed through with. This type of question brings too much pressure for an answer that I might not have. So, I will pass on this one! Sorry!


Can you name a book, movie, or experience from the past year that had a significant impact on you, and why?

I have a lot of trouble reading, so books aren’t my thing even though I would love to start reading. I can never focus on books. For movies, I really only watch thriller and horror movies so I don’t think that has much significance on my life. I think that the experiences that played a big part in my last year aside from music was leaving the job that transformed my life here.

It became a toxic situation for me and though I was making great money, I believed it was my time to leave. This year I have been left with only music working in my life so I believe it’s more of a calling. The more I believe that the more it will come true. The last year was rough, but my dreams and passions are so close I can taste it.

In what ways do you hope to grow and develop personally and professionally in the next 12 months?

I really hope as I grow, I become more comfortable going through really hard times and transitions. I’ve had many hardships come up this year and I let it get to me a lot. I really want to do better and work on myself and let it not rub off on my girlfriend and other people. I know throughout life there will be a lot of moments that are hard. I just need to fix how I handle them. That is definitely a main goal for me in my personal life.

If you could choose one word or phrase to represent your theme for the new year, what would it be, and why does it resonate with you?

I think the word, growth, would be the best word to describe the next year. I want to grow in so many different ways. Music, finance, personal life, etc. As we physically grow, I want to do better and mentally growing. I want to think more before reacting and also, I want to think more about how certain decisions will affect me before I think about it affecting everyone else. There are so many ways to grow. Growing out of friendships, growing out of bad habits, growing out of your old skin you live in. The word growth definitely feels like a main word for my next year. We can tie that back to the New Year Resolution part. My resolution is to grow in 2024.

As we conclude our conversation with Meetch, we thank him for his time and for sharing a glimpse into his exciting plans for the coming year; make sure to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date.

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