Manu P & Federico Rosa

Rising Stars Manu P & Federico Rosa Share The Secret Behind Their Succes In The Electronic Dance Music Scene 

The Italian DJ and Producer duo Manu P & Federico Rosa have relentlessly been captivating audiences with their signature sound and style – this interview explores the creative process behind the two emerging talents in the electronic dance music scene. 

With numerous successful releases and electrifying live performances under their belts, Manu P & Federico Rosa are unstoppable and we are all here for it! Delving into their unique approaches to music production, we gained insight into the techniques and inspiration that have shaped their careers as well as the creative processes and inspirations of the iconic duo. In this exclusive interview, we sat down with the lovely artists to discuss their creative process, inspirations, and workflow as they share some advice for anyone starting a musical endeavour. Whether you’re a budding producer or a seasoned veteran, Manu P & Federico Rosa‘s advice and expertise are sure to inspire and motivate you on your own musical journey. Now let’s dig in! 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I normally start from an idea, with a project in mind and a reference track based on what I want to do. From there, I leave and start the production. Also, the thing that makes me feel good and gets me inspired is the beauty of the studio. I completely hate all those neglected studios, where people smoke inside and don’t care about the structure. If you start by cleaning the workplace, you will surely be inspired.” – Manu

I listen to music from a 360 perspective and listening to various genres helps me a lot. Even doing exercise and practising sports helps my creativity big time, as it resets my mind which allows for new ideas to flow. Finding the right balance between body and mind is fundamental.” – Federico

Listening to Manu P’s production is like listening to a new approach to Techno. It’s fast, and hard, yet still groovy as he plays with various genres such as Tech House, Dancehall, Techno, House and EDM. Whereas Manu P leans to the groovy side, Federico Rosa enjoys crossing boundaries of Acid, Tech-Bass, House, and Techno mixed with EDM elements and even Latin sounds leaving with a unique blend of style that is not to forget.  

What has been the best change you made to your workflow in music production

I think it was completely renovating and turning my studio upside down. This has led to my internal renewal and has led to a new desire to do things.” – Manu

 “Learning to work with a reference track was fundamental in building structures and finalizing my projects” – Federico

Their latest collective collaboration ‘Ice Baby is a seamless blend of a groovy dance anthem mixed with an epic house banger with catchy vocal cuts, a hard-hitting and groovy bassline and captivating breakdowns that makes you move like there is no day tomorrow.  Manu P & Federico Rosa are known for their innate production capabilities and versatility, which are both on display in this stunning composition. ‘Ice Baby’ serves as a contemporary marriage between core Tech House bass and EDM elements, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more. The duo shares how to achieve successful releases;  

Technology is the basis of the future, so even in productions technology is needed to improve the songs and improve themselves. I also believe that a nice and clean working environment is essential.” – Manu 

Working with a good computer helps with efficiency. For example, nowadays even if you have a basic understanding of music theory, you can use the VST which will do the job for you. When things were more analogical, many things weren’t possible without years of studying.”  – Federico

It is just the tip of the iceberg for the multi-talented artists, whose innate musical prowess and trailblazing spirits promise to usher in a new era of sonic creativity and innovation. As the shining talents continue to forge their own path in the dance music space, Manu P & Federico Rosa are set to drop a handful of sonically diverse remixes in the near future, showcasing their boundary-pushing artistry and technical mastery. 

With a rare combination of technical master and creative flair, the Italian producers are poised to revolutionize the musical landscape with their dynamic soundscapes and unmatched skillet. They have yet to unveil a handful of sonically diverse offerings as their productions stand out as slices of feel-good House music and a tantalizing glimpse into what’s to come from the rising stars. The producer duo are taking the lead and bringing a mix of EDM, Tech House, Techno, and Classic House that is hard to not fall in love with. 

What advice can you give to anyone in music production? 

Focus on the result you want to achieve not with that song, but in what you have previously focused on in the next 3 years.” – Manu

You need to have the right mindset… To me, it’s important to start a track and finish it always.” 

Taking listeners on a journey through distinct sonic landscapes, the latest from the shining talents showcases their ability to craft both light and playful tracks, as well as dark, heavier productions. With many more collaborations and projects in the pipeline, we are eager to see what is next for Manu P & Federico Rosa.
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