Banger House Track by Seazons: “Un Espace”

“Un Espace” is Seazons’ newest single will be released on March 3rd, 2022.

Artist from Canada, inspired by every music genre on earth, Seazons delivered some classical vibes for every kind of music he produces. His inspirations come a lot from Heavy Metal music and EDM in general, which makes his music intense and most of the time with strong emotions.

Seazons started playing music in 2012 and has been producing music since 2019, currently, he is playing for 3 different bands with different styles of music and is mostly giving his time to one of its favourite genres of music, EDM. The main purpose of doing music for him is to transfer & translate emotions and create memories that you can rely on all your life and live a happy life out of these emotions and memories.


The meaning of Seazons’ newest House track is simple, get out of your comfort zone.

“Un Espace” is a song that brings instant energy and I wanted everybody to listen to it and be instantly hyped!! I have been inspired by a song called Overtones and in that song, you can really feel the vibe in seconds. I wanted to be bouncy and inspirational at the same time”

The track cover and name are both in French, representing space and time. The instruments in it will transport you into another dimension just by closing your eyes.

Listen to “Un Espace” here:

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