6th Simulated Youth Release: A Story About Breaking Up In A Modern Age

Breaking up nowadays could be difficult with the constant exposure to social media that may remind us of past times.

“Digital Memories” by Simulated Youth tells a two-sided story of breaking up in the modern age, with a cyberpunk style rap vocals. In a sense, it is about escaping from the ties of technology. The second track, called “Happy Ending“, is meant to add a more positive outlook after the more intense first trackDigital Memories. Triumphant synths are aided with beautiful and ethereal singing to accomplish this. Simulated Youth collaborates in these two tracks with Camoragi and Rielle, this is not the first time they have teamed up.

This premiere was expected after the success of his single “NBT”, which you can read about in our Wootmag article.

Simulated Youth

Is there a particular ethos behind “Digital Memories”, or any particular music styles or events that inspired it?

Following a similar theme as all of SY’s songs, the goal with Digital Memories was to create something unique, danceable, and fun, yet with a darker message to balance things out. Each song hopes to put listeners into an almost dreamlike state, where they become entranced by what they’re listening to.

Where was “Digital Memories” recorded, and who was involved in its production?

The instrumental was created my Phoenix music studio, but then I needed to leave for Michigan mid-production so I recorded the vocals just after arriving there. I also completed mixing & mastering myself, while obtaining frequent feedback from friends and fellow indie musicians both in-person and online. Camoragi (El Salvador) & Rielle (New York) both recorded their vocals and sent them to me to mix into the final tracks.

“I’m excited about my 6th release, and feel like each new song is both improving and helping to define my overall musical style”

Zach / Simulated Youth

Who are the band members?

This is a solo act, with me, Zach (Simulated Youth) writing and producing all music. The “Android Vocal Version” in my earlier releases is actually my heavily edited voice. My recent tracks such as “Ghost in the Machine” or “Digital Memories” feature more traditional vocals by me.

Any other recent happenings or things to note?

Simulated Youth’s 4th music video, this time for Kill the Messenger, was recently released on YouTube and IGTV. It’s a “vertical style” music video, meant to be watched and shared on mobile devices. Featuring 4 other indie musicians (Rielle, Camoragi, Echo the Human, and Psychic Radio), colourful and funny scenes are met with lots of fake blood and amusing cameos by my dog.

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wootmag interview

“Heaven is a place on earth and it is in the front row”