Michael Beggs Mad Hatter

Michael Beggs Is Back With “Mad Hatter Remixes” EP

Michael Beggs, is an artist who is dedicated to crafting infectious untz untz boots n’ cats music that fuels dance floors. His journey in the DJ scene began in 2008, evolving from playing sets to creating personalized bootlegs and remixes. This progression naturally led him to the realm of composing original music.

Michael’s introduction to electronic music traces back to his youth when his father gifted him a boombox, initiating a love for trance through a compilation CD. The pivotal moment occurred in his early teens upon discovering the Chemical Brothers, sparking a profound interest in the expansive world of electronic music. Notably, Justice’s impactful album “Cross” left a lasting impression on him, shaping his musical identity. As Michael’s career flourished, finding success on larger stages, his musical inclinations shifted towards Tech House and the prevailing Bass House sound. Currently, he immerses himself deeply in the Bass House genre, appreciating its versatility, allowing for both deep & minimal and loud & wild expressions.

Michael Beggs

Michael Beggs made his debut on Feral One Records with his EP “Way You Feel” back in January of 2023. Now Michael is back with his latest release “Mad Hatter Remixes” EP.

Mad Hatter emerges from the “Way You Feel” EP, conceived as a three-track exploration of the emotional spectrum experienced during a three-day music festival. After attending his first post-lockdown festival, the artist, inspired by the overflowing joy, decided to translate those sentiments into an EP.

The Mad Hatter is the ringleader of the off-their-rocker cast of hooligans in Alice in Wonderland, and these four remixes demonstrate how Beggs leads his audience into total insanity.

Kicking off with his exclusive VIP remix of “Mad Hatter,” Beggs establishes a commanding atmosphere. While his original version harnessed the potency of minimalism, the VIP remix unleashes unbridled intensity. The supposed fog horn in the second drop reveals itself as a thunderous surge of raw energy, interwoven with sporadic melodic bursts akin to a deceptive smile attempting to conceal the underlying madness.

The second remix takes a breakbeat trajectory, skillfully crafted by Feral One veteran EMUH. Breaks inherently allow for controlled chaos, and EMUH embraces the eccentricity with scattered drums, extended vocal samples, and dynamic chords. The result is a captivating dance between seemingly random effects, like unexpected backspins, creating a delightfully insane yet cohesive musical experience.


dopecreature’s deep tech rework introduces an element of controlled madness, with jittery samples swirling around a steady four-on-the-floor foundation. A teaser of the impending mood shift leads to an epic synth build-up reminiscent of the iconic THX intro. The subsequent eruption of meticulously crafted sound design challenges the belief that such a tight-knit beat could conceal such depth.


For the grand finale, Phrase takes the remix into the realm often labelled as “mad” in dance music – drum & bass. Remarkably, he amplifies the madness with hypnotic circular synths, captivating listeners like an undulating pocket watch, while the drums reach peak levels of erratic intensity.


Entrusting his music to Feral One Records brings a sense of reassurance, knowing that it is overseen by someone who comprehends the intricacies of the music-making process. The label’s ethos, encouraging artists to push boundaries and craft truly distinctive pieces for their audience, has provided Michael the freedom to delve into his sound authentically. This collaborative environment allows him to express himself without limitations, resulting in music that genuinely reflects his artistic identity.

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