T-X-Heaven, Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.7

T-X-Heaven Launches His First Single “Scream Oowwhat”

This is the moment to start listening to what T-X-Heaven has to offer. His first single as T-X-Heaven “Scream Oowwhat” was released on the 24th of June and is available on all platforms.

“Scream Oowwhat” is a track with a unique mix, starting off gradually, positive, then goes for deeper cuts in the mid-section and finishes with more vocal and melodic elements in the end, keeping the vibe and flowing with key changes.

The production process started with chords to give the feeling of harmony and to make the rhythm fit the feeling, the artist worked specifically on the groovy elements, bass drums and percussion.

To reach this brilliant single T-X-Heaven got the inspiration in the escapism based on real emotion and the need people have for upliftment what will all that is kicking off and going on.

What’s more, “Scream Oowwhat” is the eleventh track of the stunning “Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.7compilation album in which the label carefully selects some of the most prolific up-and-coming artists.

T-X-Heaven, Deeplomatic Flavours Vol.7


T-X-Heaven is a Tech House DJ/Producer currently based in Northern Ireland. At a very young age, he fell in love with the process of music production and gravitated towards creating his unique sound.

His artist name pays homage to the Yamaha sound module TX, the famous synth DX7. Since he moved to Ireland, he discovered that their sky is one of the most photogenic in the world, with breath-taking sunbeams that reflect upon his perception of what “Heaven” looks and feels to him.

With the hopes of keeping his identity unknown, T-X-Heaven is eager to express and share his thoughts and feelings through music. For every track to be filled with positive melodies and messages for his audience.

‘Noise is everywhere. We like to distil the white noise and aliasing in our mixes and take our hybrid style to the sonic breaking point where the true character of the machines appears.’


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