Zight Presents His Latest Release: “Work It Harder” with Chris Willis and Maximals

“Work It Harder” is the latest house release of the amazing producer and DJ Zight. The track is composed and produced by him and counts with the house-legend Chris Willis vocals.

The song was launched on the 1st of July and is available now on all stores and streaming platforms. This single release was a dream come true for Zight. Being a big fan of Chris Willis since he was a kid, listening to his songs with David Guetta like “Getting Over You” and “Love is Gone”. So when he finished the demo of “Work It Harder”, he boldly sent it to Chris on Instagram, asking for a collaboration.

It was a dream-come-true moment when I received a “YES” from this childhood idol.

The track inspires energy and strength to reach all of our goals. The lyrics talk about the effort needed to get what you’re looking for. With the chorus saying “All we came to give it. Push it to the limit. We’ll work it harder. Work It Harder”


Zight is an emerging EDM artist hailing from Hong Kong. His style is distinctly upbeat, fusing feel-good melodies with euphoria-dripped soundscapes and thunderously thumping rhythms.

His creative process is unique in the way he crafts his iconic sound. The artist suffers from the disorder “Synesthesia”, which means his emotions are often transferred into melodies in his mind. The result is something authentic and oozing with originality.

He managed to secure his first collaboration with Disney singer Sonna Relre. His third single “Everybody Keep Running” was selected for the “Bild Board Electric Asia Vol.5”

The artist has his eyes set on making a major impact on the global dance music scene, aspiring to be the first Hong Kong name to make it on the UK Billboard Charts. His mission is to create timeless classics that outlive him, so the world will have something to remember him by.

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