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15 EDM Artists You Should Listen To

Looking for the next up-&-coming artists? We have filtered down the list to the 15 most talented DJ/Producers from all around the world.


Having played as a guitarist in the Vans Warped Tour from 2012-2013 and opening for several well-known artists (including The Mowgli’s, Go Radio, and Safetysuit), Aydren, now an electronic pop producer, is slated to release his latest uplifting single, “After the Fall”, on all streaming platforms April 6th, 2021. The song looks to help listeners wait out and challenge the world’s negativity during its darkest timeline.

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Born in Baltimore, but raised in Forest Hill, Maryland. BTAV focuses primarily on Future House but also enjoys the likes of Deep House and West Coast Hip Hop. His signature pop, catchy, joyful sound is similar to artists such as Galantis, Loud Luxury, and Sigala. BTAV has had some success since 2015 under an old stage name.



Released via Overdrive Productions, ‘Givin’ Up On Love’ is the brainchild of Dante. This release puts him in a whole different league. It has a wistful yet sweet melody and features the Massachusetts-based artist Sam James on the vocal sections. Dante explores the most intricate sonic nuances on this Future Bass delivery. 

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Dids Music

DiDs Music has a number of Artists Under The DiDs Music Umbrella they include DiDs / Tegan Kira / Megan Louise / Zoe Snow Steph Evans. Steph and DiDs meet at a songwriting retreat and went on tho wrote over 40 songs together, Tegan Kira , Megan Louise and Zoe Snow have all sung songs and co-written with DiDs. One of the main influences is Prince he showed that if you work hard and commit you will succeed.

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Downhill is the solo musical project of Jon Matthews, a musician, dj, recording/mix engineer from the North Coast of the South West of England, UK. The music is firmly planted in electronic genres, with influences from artists including Aphex Twin, Depeche Mode, Goldie and Gary Numan. 

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Half Man

Hidden behind a half-divided mask symbolising the meeting of Heaven and Earth is the creative mind of HFLMN, or Half Man. The inspired Italian musician’s otherworldly sound draws influence from everything under the sun, including Chinese opera and country music artists. HLFMN blends old-world instruments with big beats, urban music and glitchy electronics with an ear to the past and an eye to the future.

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Knuckled Fruit

Knuckled Fruit is an electronic music project by Joe Betz, an Associate Professor of English and poet who began releasing music designed to fit in a listener’s background in late 2020. With releases scheduled through Vinyl Moon and OIM Records, Knuckled Fruit produces music that borrows elements from IDM, lo-fi hip hop, and ambient genres.

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Los Padres promises to take you back to the old school, as they rebirth an era of electronic dance music while paying homage to those who are deeply rooted in the duo. With professional experience in a wide spect rum of production, they break out the break beats, reggae vibes, latin culture and craft them into one solid entity that they can claim as their own.

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Canadian electronic producer Mediator explores a familiar yet ethereal realm in his first official EP, debuted on February 16, 2021. The self-titled EP consists of seven electronic tracks that span multiple subgenres from lo-fi to alternative EDM and synth wave. Inspired by many artists, Puscifer, synth wave, and science fiction, Mediator creates an ethereal world with atmospheric soundscapes and groovy, complex rhythms that he hopes will transport listeners to their own sci-fi fantasies.

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Peter Spacey

New Future Bass track from Beat-maker / Dj & Producer – Peter Spacey, Collaboration with Monster Music. Inside the track, you can find Futuristic Spacey Synths, Heavy Bass, Organic Part of Upright Bass, some Electronic sequences, and Peter Spacey’s secret signature sauce of turntablism tricks and sounds. All wrapped up in high standard sound esthetics and modern up-to-date productions. Space star is the soundtrack for a new Mitsubishi Advert featuring Peter Spacey as a performer Electronic Artist Producer/Dj.

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Simulated Youth

Based in Phoenix, AZ, Simulated Youth creates retro & futuristic dance music with a dark twist. Their goal is always to balance the emotion of the track between bright and dark parts, ultimately providing a fun and original sound that invokes deep thoughts as listeners dance away. “Kill the Messenger” is their latest single, scheduled for April 9th release. This energetic dance pop / electro pop song has the word “KILL” 93 times in it. The fun, almost goofy beat definitely provides a unique balance here!

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Skill Syrup

Skill Syrup is a multi-genre producer duo from Sandusky, Ohio. Formed in 2020. Currently releasing a new song every day in 2021 as part of their 365 song challenge. They hope by being hyper-consistent it will help launch their music careers. 

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Twin Galaxxies

Twin Galaxxies began as the bedroom project of Alex Myers in 2015 whilst living in Berlin. Now located in London, Twin Galaxxies intricately weaves synths to psychedelic landscapes recorded from hardware to tape. In 2021, Twin Galaxxies will be joining the Pure Life roster for his latest release, a celestial and kaleidoscopic haze with neon-infused texture.

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Born and raised in Southern California, WABISABI has always had a passion for music, one that spans across many different genres. From pop to electronic to indie, his exposure to a wide range of musical styles translates into, and inspires the productions he creates.  His latest single titled “Chasing the Rhythm” is one of his most personal projects to date. It’s a song that aims to capture the classic house & disco soundtrack of WABISABI’s teenage years.

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Wildkamp – aka James Keene – is a South-London based multi-instrumentalist dj and producer. Originally from the Netherlands, he spent most of the 2010’s honing his craft as a composer and improviser in fusion jazz band Boom Petit. Dabbling in DAW’s whilst writing music for his own and his friend’s theatre plays, 2019 saw a first dive into producing electronic music. “Fold” is Wildkamp’s first single to appear on streaming platforms, and will be the first of many to present his sound in 2021.

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