10 Electronic Emerging Artists

15 Catchy Upcoming Electronic DJ’s

Electronic producers have been going through hard times, since the beginning of the CoronaVirus pandemic. Many of them took advantage of this time and decided to produce and release some new bangers.

We are proud to introduce to you 15 of the most talented electronic DJ’s and producers from the latest months.


ARACHIDONIC’s third single ‘Justice’ from their third EP ‘We Mortals’ is an instant Synthwave/Electro House classic. Engineer Sean Corcoran and Sam John help bring out ARACHIDONIC’s retro 80’s vibe, paying homage to Justice with its heavy use of the Korg Polysix to bring out the driving force behind the track. ‘Justice’ also features trademark ARACHIDONIC atmospheric ear candy to jolt the listener into action.

‘Justice’ will be released on July 2nd 2021.

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Moritz Bommert aka Bomat is a German composer, producer and DJ based originally from Cologne but based in Berlin. Moritz’s passion for house music started at a young age when he moved to Berlin to study and deep dive into the city’s vibrant musical landscape where he worked for several years as a music producer and DJ releasing music under various monikers until 2015.




Rising artist Bryonii teams up with stylish producer duo Act Cool for an elegant single track EP. 
Bryonii’s latest release follows StarCrossed (2020), an impressive LP created alongside Steven Rutter of B12, a pioneering producer whose early work has cemented him as a cornerstone of UK Techno. The vinyl album was released via Steven’s own imprint, FireScope Records.

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Lisbon based music producer, alias of Marco Guerra (Fungo label and artist collective co-founder). His music has been released by Mands Music, Moira Audio Recordings [Hungary], Blackline Records, Fungo, Extended Records, Alienação, Freima Labs, Rádio Quântica, Paraíso/Rave Tuga [Portugal] and Medical Records Transfusions [USA].

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dzill has been lauded as one of the premiere DJs in NYC nightlife. Based out of New York City, dzill has received support from big name artists such as Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Deadmau5, Sam Feldt, Slushii and Sikdope. As a producer, dj and multi-instrumentalist, he has gained over 300,000+ streams on Spotify, and has performed at some of NYC’s most exclusive parties including venues such as the Museum of Modern Art, Leave Rochelle Out of It and Bleecker Hall, including a weekly open format residency at Solas Bar NYC.

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es.cher is a UK based artist exploring a combination of alternative dance production incorporating elements of garage, downtempo and glitch hop with indie and alt RnB vocals and guitar work. Vegyn and SOPHIE’s approach to making electronic music is a big inspiration on how he approaches making a track.

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Kepa Lehtinen

Kepa Lehtinen has written music for many films, commercials, and TV productions. He plays the piano, synthesizers, theremin. Face plant is six track mini album of original contemporary classical music written for piano, contrabass, and theremin.

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Born and raised in Verona, Italy, Limun presents his new EP “The Adventures of Limun”, which includes 6 brand new techno bangers. Each one of the songs represents a part of Limun’s life: playing beer pong with friends in Pentha House, dancing in the biggest italian venues and producing music in his basement.
The 22-year-old producer is gonna make you dance with these great techno tracks.

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“JanDasMy” is a play on the word “Fantasy” which this song surely makes you feel like you’re in. Cruising through the night in a JDM Vehicle not worrying about the world, music blasting, taking on the road and hair pins ahead. This single is apart of an 9 song EP on Soundcloud called JDMC (Japanese Direct Motor Chronicles). This EP is separated into 3 Acts; Act 1 – The Ecstasy (Techno/House), Act 2 – The Grind (Phonk/Underground), Act 3 -The Downs (Underground).

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Specialised in a heavy mix of house, dubstep, and drum and bass, Locknar’s tracks are complex and intelligently designed while retaining danceable pop energy. The DJ and producer offers an enticing mix of nostalgic synths and bottom end rhythms, often informed by his background as a video game composer, giving him a unique style with a mass appeal.
He is currently working on new music and preparing to become a steady presence on the local club scene.

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Paul Farrin

Paul Farrin, DJ and producer started DJing in clubs when he was 16 years old, and when 20 years old, he got a job at a national radio as a DJ. There, Paul began to make music with a friend of his, under the name of Smoke Keepers, a band heavily influenced by Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. ‘Hypnotrip’ has an hypnotic beat, a powerful bassline and a driving lead; a great combination for the perfect summer dancefloor banger. 



SAMOSH started djing and producing mainly electronic music in 2016. He combines different house genres with pop and electronic to bring a modern groove down to the dancefloors. Designed with unique atmospheres, a catchy bass line, and sing-along pop vocals, „before I always love you” is produced to get his listeners shaking to summer vibe.

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SnoPack is a solo producer whose music is inspired by the feelings of joy, freedom, and wonder that are evoked by being in the snow. SnoPack plays drums, guitar, and keyboard. He also sings, writes lyrics, and has a keen ear for electronic sound design. He uses a mix of live and synthesized elements to create his music. SnoPack’s greatest joy is delivering a truly unique, catchy, and fulfilling musical experience to his listeners.


Sub Caesar

What are we going to do when we’re all out of lockdown? That’s right: we’ll flock back to the clubs and dance ’till we drop! I wanted to create a track that was both uplifting and energetic, and not too serious. Something to remind us of the good old days, so also a little bit retro. I hope the track sticks and has gained some momentum by the time we all do get to go out again, and then we’ll dance to this one and have a laugh!



The singer and composer Sunstroke Rain (anagram of Karin Turesson) who has played earlier with artists such as Tingsek, Ebbot, (The soundtrack of our lives) Annika Norlin, Nina Persson (The Cardigans) and Robyn now performs her own compositions backed by Olivia Lyne and Lisa Frisk.

The group delivers a sophisticated sound where the sounds are meticulously worked out.

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Wax Practice

Wax Practice is a project from Brooklyn-based, upstate New York-raised musician Steve Woodzell. 

 Wax Practice is excited to announce the release of The Volume (feat. Kate Rogers). Conceived and recorded remotely via email and Zoom calls, “The Volume” is an uptempo yet brooding vocal track lamenting the uncomfortable silence of the pandemic-stricken music scene and empty city streets. 

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