These 3 fashion brands will inspire you for your next music festival outfit.

Going to clubs, music festivals gives you the opportunity to dress different from your daily basis, that is why dressing up for a music festival bring us so much happiness. If you are looking for new trends, original clothes and uniqueness, here are some 3 cool brands that will become very popular in 2021. Their design are extremely modern and never seen in music festivals.

The first brand is called Auné. Their design have fun and colourful patterns. The tight dresses, tops or pants suits perfectly and enhance the woman’s figure. 

 In their official web the brand explained: “Auné is a fashion-focused retail concept store in central Lisbon. Focusing on how past and current fashion collections interact with each other, Auné brings these items in dialogue with each other. It does this by stocking distinctive, second-hand archive pieces alongside a selection of key, season-less pieces from new and emerging international brands. The underlying concept behind the new store is to promote a slower and more sustainable approach to fashion”


The second brand is called Chet Lo. These extraordinary designs have bright colours and unbelievable textures. These clothes are truly pieces of art. 

The designer Chet Lo “became fascinated with textiles and the endless possibilities and innovation that knitwear could bring”. Moreover he is “Inspired by Japanese comics, the 50s, and Barbarella, he combined his love of futurism with classic feminine silhouettes.”


Finally, the third brand is called TLZLFEMME. Their designs are perfect for a night out or attending to a VIP section in a music festival.

“Trip takes you on vacation of sexy silhouettes and textures. Inspired by fresh air, natures vivid colors, and luxury. Trip´s accentuating designs highlights the boldness and complexities of each and every woman”


"Magical moments start with music"