aMaRo’s New Single “Start Again” Is Now Available On All Streaming Platforms

1 month after his last track “Listen To Your Heart”, the artist aMaRo unveils his new single entitled “Start Again”

The artist’s inspiration for the track “Start Again” came after a difficult period of recovery, during which he took refuge in religion.

I wrote that song, after a long and very hard time in the hospital, which was really the worst time in my life and where I had to get through hell on earth. After that bad suffering, I got a religious experience and found God, which was such a delivery for me, and I could get new hope to go on living, to feel like reborn and “start my life again” from the beginning.

For aMaRo, it’s about a new breath, resulting in the track “Start Again” in which he expresses his personal connection with God and his faith in religion. According to the artist, music is the best instrument to externalize and manage emotions and feelings. He has used music as therapy to recharge his batteries and to share his deepest feelings openly with his listeners and other artists.

His passion for music began at the age of 14 when he first played his guitar in various rock and metal bands and produced his first songs. It was 10 years later in 2013 that the artist aMaRo was born, when he decided to devote himself exclusively to music as a solo singer-songwriter and recorded his first tracks in the sound studio. Subsequently, in 2015, he played his first gigs, performing at numerous Open Mics, Jam Sessions and a few singer-songwriter competitions.

In October 2021, he released his first proper album “The Quest for Happiness” with 25 tracks available on all online streaming services.

Driven by positive energy and a feeling of happiness when listening to the old audio tapes his grandmother used to play when he was a kid and inspired by the performances of former artists such as Elvis Presley, the famous singer Scott Stapp and guitarist Mark Tremonti of the band Creed or also the band Muse, aMaRo soon found himself attracted to the music scene.

The singer-songwriter tries to distinguish himself while producing in a varied and diverse way. The personal elements that he adds to his tracks, such as his stimulating guitar playing, the polyphonic voice and guitar parts in the studio recordings and the classical elements, which partly consist of string instruments in addition to organ or piano, allow him to differentiate himself.

I really try to be unique, when I write my songs, and important for me is a big diversity in every song. So I decided in the beginning of “aMaRo” to call my own musical direction “Melancholic Softrock”, which discribes my style very well, I think.

The artist is already working on his 2nd studio album and continues to perform at Open Mics and Jam Sessions in Berlin, where he loves to share and exchange with other musicians and remains open to any ideas for a joint project with others.

He has also started to host his own Open Mic cal“ed “Golden Mic, which takes place every Thursday at 8:30 pm in Neukölln.

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