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Azel Phara’s “DRKMTTR”, a Drum & Bass Insight Of The Current Situation

We are proud to present one of Azel Phara’s latest hits, Grow

The track belongs to DRKMTTR, the last project released by the French artist on November. The EP is composed of 5 songs that fearlessly explore different realms of the electronic music.

Azel Phara started releasing music over a decade ago and since then, he has proved to have a restless mind, always eager to find new sounds and experiment with diverse styles. As he has expressed in previous interviews, he loves working with people who bring different versions and a personal touch to the creative process. That is the best way to delve into different musical aspects.

The artist is also known for his soundtrack composing skills. His wide concept of art is what makes him valuable for directors. Being open to any kind of interpretation of any sound, gives him the opportunity to bring bolder approaches to the different movies he produces for.

azel phara

Among his last creations, we can find Woman RWRK, “Water and Salt” and “DRKMTTR”. The latter is, as he states, “the most introspective project” he has produced.

Comprised of 5 songs, the EP represents Azel’s reflection on the current situation regarding racism. Through the titles and the sounds, the artist wants to convey a clear message: his concern for the increase of racism, the harsh situation and social misery we are living in this context of pandemic.

When listening to the first track, “Watch Your Face”, we can assume that UK’s Drum and Bass and Dubstep have had a big influence on the producer. The next in line, is “Grow”. The artist makes special emphasis on this track and the symbolism it carries; after all, it represents a quite important part of his mindset.

The third song of the album is the namesake Dark Matter, a breaking point in the EP. An evocation to the universe’s dark matter and how little we know about it. From here, the mood changes from trippy, jungle vibes to a more slow-paced ambient beat.

The purpose of “Cortege” is to represent the connection of people through emotions. The track brings a Gospel insight and sub-Saharian sounds in order to give way to “Smile”. The last track of the production digs into the power of silence, giving a very special finishing touch that leaves the sensation of completion.

Eclectic, electronic and rhythmic” is how Azel Phara describes his music. Tune in because you will be seeing a lot more from him.

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