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Bluz Cruz’s Melodic & Bass New Release: “Back Once Again”

“The contrast between brass instruments and modern synthesizers creates an incredibly immersive and engaging experience for the listener” – Bluz Cruz

Bluz Cruz, also known as Dylan Cruise. An American DJ and producer, specifically from the better known as the city of fountains, Kansas City. This artist moves in electronic genres where the bassline is the protagonist such as DubstepEDM and Bass/Electro House. If we describe the music of Bluz, we can say that it is a bomb of energetic sounds that makes you move from the beginning to the end. This artist has more than 9 years producing music with a lot of bass in his tracks, such as: “Me Uh Ravin”, “Disco Inferno”, “Beat”, “I Wanna Be”, and the most recent of this genre was “Milk Products”, released in early March.

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This time we have “Back Once Again” as its name indicates, is a track that marks the return of Bluz in the production of EDM sounds. Cruz says “The track infuses heavy bass shots with deep house rhythm and melodies, creating a high-energy vibe sure to excite the dancefloor”. 

If you want to know more about this artist, we invite you to visit his social networks where you can find all the music production processes. 

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