Brassard New Single: “Just a Call”

Brassard is DJ & Producer from Alberta, Canada. He has been an electrician for the last 8 years and he also spends time learning about music production by watching Youtube videos from Elation and Mayflwr. This time this young artist surprise us with a new production named “Just a call”. The single is a new face of this artist, he usually produces Melodic Dubstep and Future Bass, but he decides to explore Future Pop and has an amazing result.


Brassard Inspiration

“5 years ago my friend convinced me to go to my first rave and I immediately fell in love with the music and the positive atmosphere. At that time my tastes were more light and kinda just whatever was popular in the mainstream. Over time I’ve grown to absolutely love the heavier genres like dubstep. Being a huge metal fan dubstep fits in quite nicely. I have many influences but If I needed to narrow it down to one its ILLENIUM, hand down my favorite artist of all time aswell as my biggest inspiration. I even got my mom hooked on his music”- Sheldon Brassard

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