Brooklyn-local SIL3NTKILL’s Fire Tech House Single “Our Love’s Crazy” out on Low Hanging Music

Up-and-coming artist SIL3NTKILL has captured the dancefloors with the blazing bop “Our Love’s Crazy” released on Low Hanging Music – the sister label of the infamous BeWild Records.  

Following months of teasing, the Albanian-American artist in his purest form shares “Our Love’s Crazy” – a fusion of being an emotional house treat and infectious dance anthem, that underlines SIL3NTKILL’s intentions to become one of dance music’s key figures whilst giving all his loyal supporters a reason to smile. 
With a catchy and groovy Tech House vibe, the drums and percussions leading the way throughout the song, paired with a compelling bassline, as well as emotional vocals on top, this reckless track was created to make people dance whether it’s at a club, house party or listening to the radio. The banger drags you to the dance floor with a high-energy beat, the song captivates the high of falling in love, and we cannot get enough of it! 


Inspired deeply by his roots being born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, SIL3NTKILL is an inspiring upcoming artist, who fell in love with music early on when freestyle music was the thing back in the day.

Mom used to blast music when she cooked or cleaned the house, and these songs used to stay in my head as a young boy, remembering these gems until I got older. That’s where I knew my love for music was indeed something I wanted to chase” – SIL3NTKILL.  

With using his childhood gamer tag name as his artist name, SIL3NTKILL was looking for a name that would fit well with his passion for music as well as his doing resulting in the unique and original artist name – so when you think about SIL3NTKILL, you will think about how he is silently killing you with his hard-hitting sounds.

The talented DJ and producer’s unwavering charisma and knack for crafting irrefutably infectious dancefloor anthems have landed him slots at some of NY’s most recognized venues such as SONYHALL, NOIR, DEEPROOT YACHT SERIES, BOILA ROOM, played various times for Deep Root Records, and opened for famous artists such as Francis Mercier and Dean Mickoski.

Besides working on various projects and being a part of Toolroom Academy and Point Blank Music School to master his craft, SIL3NTKILL is also a part of the Kick & Bass crew founded by the well-known artist Westend and many other coaches such as Millean, Zendlo, Sandor, ZOOKËPER, Ky William, and Heider to name a few.

Hitting with the absolute banger; “Our Love’s Crazy” is a reckless production that will surely make you move. With powerful basslines, pleasing synth elements and hypnotizing vocals it creates a magical party track, where you just want to get lost in the music. The drops implemented in the track make you want crazy, relating to the title and adding a rich and groovy layer that makes the release a ripple within the electronic music scene. 
Never short of creative ideas, SIL3NTKILL has various projects in the arsenal that will undoubtedly keep crowds dancing worldwide as well as high ambitions for the future including festival line-ups, tours and much more! Yet, his biggest motivation is to simply produce music that people love and gain fans worldwide. It is safe to say SIL3NTKILL is unstoppable and we are excited about what the future will bring this blossoming talent.  

SIL3NTKILL’s smashing Tech House jam “Our Love’s Crazy” is out now and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms: Beatport | Spotify 

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