Hotboxx Releases A Powerful New Track Alongside DJ and Music Producer Bonilla

The talented DJ and music producer Hotboxx is back with another hit, this time he introduces ‘Flavor’ as part of the Miami Music Heat compilation of Younan Music.

For this particular production, Hotboxx joined forces with Miami DJ Bonilla, whose signature sound and unbeatable experience behind the decks have placed his name high on the list as one to follow.

Hotboxx is a project founded by Hamid Tabibi, a Miami native with over a decade of experience in the city’s vibrant music and electronic scene. Throughout his career, he has graced the stages of renowned Miami venues including Do Not Sit On The Furniture, LMNT, Racket, and Treehouse, among others. He has even had the privilege of opening for esteemed artists such as Fred Everything and Trick Daddy.

Through his involvement in the scene, Hamid has collaborated with other exceptional local talents and he is excited to continue being a part of Miami’s thriving music community.


Coming from the latest release of his EP ‘Acotumbrado’ featuring Flynn Nolan, Hotboxx hits back with a new unmissable collaboration that displays his unparalleled skills and sound to its fullest potential.

With a hard-hitting House beat and playful synths and pads that add extra flavour to this groovy track, ‘Flavor’ highlights the signature style and sound that have made a name for these skilful DJs. A female vocal sample keeps this track’s alluring and refreshing vibe going, as it releases itself to an even more powerful layer of sound.

A mighty bassline steals the show mid-track, opening up a new space for all the elements to shine under a new light, keeping the party alive and going. This dance floor anthem certainly sets the mood for dancers to join the party and enjoy themselves with the guidance and taste of Bonilla and Hotboxx.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Hotboxx as his release schedule promises more bangers to come in the near future, displaying his undeniable talent and signature sound and style, while proving that this powerful musical journey is just getting started.

‘Flavor’ is out now via Younan Music and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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