Building Blocks

Building Blocks: Composition Course for DAW-Based Music Makers by Audible Genius

Audible Genius brings us Building Blocks, a course on music theory and composition through a proven method.

The creators of the award-winning synthesizer training app Syntorial introduce the next edition of its music production course, Building Blocks. Syntorial is a standalone program with interactive lessons that make it easy to learn, but Building Blocks is browser-based.

Digital Audio Workstation is the software program people use to create music and now it’s more accessible than ever before. Using this software facilitates mixing multiple sound sources on a time-based grid. Music and production aren’t separate realities; production is part of the music itself and the process must be taken seriously.

The course includes 197 interactive lessons, with instant feedback before every lesson and a video demonstration. Once you have finished the video, you jump into a challenge where you can prove what you have just learned.

Building Blocks has two different levels: In the first, you will learn the fundamental core of a song: Drum Patterns, Basslines and Chords writing. You can see the difference between them in the colours used.

building blocks

In Level 2 the user digs into learning Melodies (expression and phrasing), Chord Progressions (chord changes, anticipations and inversions) and Expanded Drums (open hi-hat, toms, saner alternatives, removing backbeats and more).

If you are interested and would like to try out Building Blocks offer 3-day trial that gives you unlimited access to all lessons. The monthly subscription is just £15,99 having access to all the lessons, whereas a lifetime subscription varies from £47 to £74 depending on the content available.

You can also check out Audible Genius other course here: With “Syntorial” Learning Synthesis Has Never Been Easier!

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