Filip Marchidan

Filip Marchidan Releases His 10th Quality Dance Track, “Stole My Heart”

“Stole My Heart” is the latest EDM release from DJ and producer Filip Marchidan, a danceable and punchy tune.

The artist’s main inspiration, as the title suggests, comes from feelings of love. The title originates from the idea that when we talk about relationships, we usually say that people’s hearts have been taken away, stolen. After brainstorming about this theme and the form Filip wanted the song to take, he concluded that placing it in a club perspective would be the best option.

“I chose this interpretation because the drop is what makes your heart shake, and because love after all comes sometimes in huge bursts.”

Optimized for clubs, you will find a powerful EDM background with a heavy drop and synth notes that accompany the sweet singing male voice. Thanks to strong bass lines and percussive melodies, the upcoming producer delivers a great track that also features a second drop with snares reminiscent of the House genre.

Filip Marchidan

Filip Marchidan is an artist who decided to start producing music from 2020 onwards during the pandemic, using his skills as a software engineer to achieve qualitative tracks. What was usually a hobby for him soon became a real passion for which he tried to work hard by mixing creativity and mathematical precision.

Inspired in his youth by Big Room artists like Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, KSMHR and Tiesto. His musical tastes range from House to Slap House to Tropical House. He is now inspired by Alok, Shouse and Topic which makes the artist’s style of music vary within the EDM spectrum with a signature that usually relies on a thick subbass and big drops.

As for most artists, he had to overcome many difficulties, including the first launch of his music on different streaming platforms, which is never an easy step without the support and with little knowledge of the music industry.

I can say that throughout my producing career I had a lot of obstacles and impediments but every time I would study and practice more and more to overcome the problems encountered.

To get to where he is today, Filip Marchidan has spent and continues to spend most of his time working hard, producing, and brainstorming ideas to overcome the challenges he has in front of him. After trying multiple styles until he realized what defines him, he now wants to spread the essence of creativity by launching his own record label.

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