Italian DJ and producer Lorenz Koin has combined the elements of Slap House and Future Rave to create a new Slap Rave track.

“In My Head” is a track by Lorenz Koin with a danceable and powerful atmosphere that fuses two musical genres popular with the general public, Slap House and Future Rave in a new fresh hit. After many attempts to bring these two genres together, and through perseverance, the artist managed to find the right key to produce this track.

Inspired to mix these two musical genres on trend at the moment and by the thoughts of Lorenz, from which the title “In My Head” reflects, merged with soft and rhythmic vocals. Accompanied by powerful bass, melodic synth and energy laden drops, this track is sure to capture the dance floor.

Having started DJing at the age of 19, Lorenz quickly found himself attracted to the music business and it was in 2014, at the age of 27, that he first started producing music. With a career in constant evolution, the artist now sees his knowledge increase and his contacts multiply. He continues to collaborate with many artists, both veterans and new talents.

His inspiration comes from his musical culture, which he acquires by listening to the best DJs of this time, but also from his projects to which he attaches great importance. In this manner, the producer knows where his strong points are, what needs to be improved.

Lorenz describes his style as fresh and modern, a combination of many styles that he likes to call “Slap Rave“. With his extensive library of sounds and numerous presets, he is always striving to achieve a sound as close as possible to what he imagines. The producer confided to us that he is currently working on many projects to diversify his library.

There are so many that I can’t even quantify them. I’m producing some follow-ups in this way but also searching for something different 

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