HatStandy is back with a new catchy Dance/Pop banger on Ghost Fat Productions

Andy Turner aka HatStandy has been making electronic/dance music since the late nineties… originally on hardware equipment, playing live in clubs and at raves. 

In 2005 he studied record production and got into producing more seriously, which lead to him having many releases on various independent labels. His most notable successes from the early days include a track called “This Heaven” .

In 2017 HatStandy started his own label Ghost Fat Productions where he mainly releases his own music. Other signings to Ghost Fat include Mark EG and Cherish, AlexMo, D4RYL, Digital Deluxe, Jason B, Mr Krotos, Radiant Soulz, Freaked Frequency and Digital Enzyme.

His latest banger on the label is called “Dawn On Me”

“The main style I am currently working on I would describe as “Trance/breaks” (a fusion of the two genres) which I keep getting told doesn’t really sound like anything else out there.” I have always loved trancey sounds but also find breakbeats so irresistibly danceable. I think the result is something which is both intense and cerebral but also very physical. I know I’m not the first person to combine trance and breakbeat but hopefully my style is a fresh and exciting take on this particular fusion of genres. ” says HatStandy.

You can find the release on Beatport

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