Cody Chase

Cody Chase Is Back With A New Smashing Production Via His Own Label Chasin Records

The skilled DJ and music producer Cody Chase introduces ’They Don’t Know’, a 3-track EP showcasing his sound and style in all its glory.

Following the hard-hitting release of his Techno banger ‘Don’t Talk’, Cody Chase has unveiled his next production with the aim to surpass recent accomplishments.

Cody Chase has once again returned to dance music after a hiatus building multiple businesses. Resuming his true calling as a DJ, Chase is once again delighting dance floors with his techno & house sound. Chase’s productions captivate listeners with high-tension builds and filthy bassline-focused drops. With ‘10,000’ hours behind the controls and a 4 deck live-on-the-fly technique, Cody often mixes multiple techno and house tracks at once, never playing the same mix twice.

This 3-track EP features tracks that fall into the Techno and Tech House genres as well, displaying Cody’s signature energetic style. ‘Between the Liines’, ‘Illusion’ and the title track ’They Don’t Know’ are now available on all stores and streaming platforms.

The title track, ‘They Don’t Know’ showcases a bouncy House beat, which alongside an uplifting pad and a groovy vocal line, make the track start off its journey. A growling bass line, enigmatic pads and sonic elements join in adding new layers to the soundscape, an electrifying dance floor anthem for sure.

‘Between the Liines’ starts off with a pounding beat; an ominous pad and a filtered synth, which guide the track and set the stage for what’s coming up next. The powerful beat keeps the energy of the track at a high level, as layers of rhythmic elements join to take the song to a higher place. Bouncy pads join the mix as an acid synth line creates a breakdown where the track enters its low point to strike back with a mighty release.

‘Illusion’ features a powerful beat with a bouncy synth line and an underlying eerie pad that kickstart this track. A mysterious vibe raises up, as the beat and the pads continue the search for an indescribable subject. With a strong release and a highly-energetic nature, ‘Illusion’ is an introspective yet mighty track, that showcases Cody Chase’s innate talent and exquisite sound.

‘They Don’t Know’ is out now on Chasin Records and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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