Hübac, Dubstep DJ And Producer Presents His New Track Lucy’s Cousins

Hübac is a Dubstep/Glitch-Hop Producer from Washington D.C. He has played in Next Coast by SweetSound Collective, WTF That’s Spooky MASSIVE and many others events. Check them all in Hübac’s Instagram.

Lucy’s Cousins is a psychedelic dubstep track that uses guitar and vocal elements, combined with a heavy synth to take the listener into a trip of euphoria.

The song starts with a long, layered, tension-building guitar intro into a powerful bass drop that will keep you bouncing. 

It is nice to see how the artist is able to add so many sounds to his track. You never know what is coming next, listening to ‘Lucy’s Cousin’.

Central drop is pure dubstep, powerful and energic. ‘Lucy’s Cousin’ will surely make you dance thanks to producer’s ability to mix chill and relaxing guitar riffs, with electronic sounds from dubstep, creating a perfect track.

This is Hübac’s third single of 2021, and he plans on releasing more in the coming months. The song was made in Ableton Live, the synths were made using Serum and it has been mastered by Fixed Mastering.

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You can listen to his track in our Spotify Playlist: DUBSTEP WOOT


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