Kimerik Blaze Released a New EP on March 15th, “Digital Waves”

Kimerik Blaze, known as Daniel S. Fernandez, is an Electronic Dance Music producer, singer, and songwriter. His love and exposure to dance music began in his early teens roughly around the same time he began to learn the piano. Throughout his career, he changed his stage names a couple of times and in 2003, he adopted the moniker DJ Alchemy. The name represented his ability to combine diverse genres of music, resulting in some fantastic live mashups.

While he enjoyed being a DJ, he was more interested in producing Electronic Dance Music. Throughout the next couple of years, he spent a lot of time in the studio singing and songwriting trying to find his voice. He had written a few songs in the past but never considered recording them. He wanted to find a balance where electronic dance music met deep meaningful songwriting. Thus, in 2012, he took on the alias Kimerik Blaze.

“Kimerik Blaze is that intense flame inside of me that has so much to express lyrically. With that being said, I encourage my listeners to decode the message that I am trying to express in every song as it comes from the heart. And if I can make a difference for someone with my music, then I’ve accomplished what I set off to do.” 


The artist’s latest release under SoundSerfing Records will be released today, March 15th. With a total of four Tech House tracks, each track filled with strong synths and baseline tones with the special touch of Deep House melodies, harmoniously synchronizing throughout the whole track.

We got together with Kimerik Blaze and asked him about the meaning of the track, this is what he had to say: “The meaning behind the song is to allow yourself to free your mind. To break away those old inherit beliefs & ideas you have about yourself and know that you are one with the divine. It’s about being more aware and awake. I wanted to translate that meaning into an upbeat song”

“Digital Waves” EP: Beatport | Spotify

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