“Memories Like Daggers” is Frigid’s latest banger track

Building notoriety in the dance music industry as an urban bass music artist taking influences from hip hop, trap, deep dubstep, and freeform bass music, budding sensation Frigid has been hard at work to pinpoint his name on the map with his latest hit ‘Memories Like Daggers’, Frigid’s latest banger.

He is currently sitting behind a discography of impressive releases that have already projected his name across the industry like ‘Sleepless’, ‘Boreal’, and ‘Lezgo’. Frigid is using his releases to pay forward the sounds that make him a distinguishable artist, with an inimitable sound built from his talent that is like no other. Drawn initially to the rawness of harsh electronic bouncy sound he incorporates in all his releases, Frigid has worked hard to put all the pieces together after discovering the world of music.

Currently blending genres and finding a balance between light and dark, Frigid is introducing his newest track and kicking off the year with a bang with ‘Memories Like Daggers’. It kicks off right away with an eerie and contemporary feel, right before the hushed risers commence, making room for those undulating hits of deep bass that flood through the speaker and touch your soul.

The only way to properly enjoy this incredible hit is to find the biggest sound system and hit play, sit back, and be washed away by the intricate and powerful effects and melodies that are propelled by that crazy room-shaking bass that accentuates the song so perfectly. Experimental and electrifying sounds linger throughout the production, properly sweeping you off your feet and transporting you into his playing field.


After many years of discovering his sound, Frigid released “Memories Like Daggers” on January 17th, 2022. Inspired by beautiful and painful memories, this track represents what we can expect from the artist for the upcoming months, emotion-driven tracks filled with smooth synths and strong baselines to escape reality for a while.

Frigid’s production is ethical, energetic, original, and perfect for lovers of that grungy and experimental sound that sticks out from the rest. Frigid has developed quite the knack for creating impressive productions that soar with energy and an undeniable rhythm. He continuously proves that he has the ability to create impactful tunes that can be played everywhere by a large variety of fans from across the world.

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