Ne.Hau’s Newest Banger: “I Like It” EP

The duo Ne.Hau consists of Danny Marin and Ren Albieri. Taking into account their combined tenure in the music world, it comes as no surprise that they have achieved such a finely tuned signature sound.

They specialize in Deep Tech/Minimal as their genre. Since they decided to get together and pursue their music career, Ne.Hau has charted in the Beatport top ten Deep Tech/Minimal charts with multiple underground labels like SUPERFREQ, Priroslin, Mavic Music, Draft Lt, Denied Music, Vampire Spaceship and Still Play to name a few.

By utilizing cutting-edge production methods to take calculated creative risks, the DJ/producer duo creates unprecedented dimension, big rolling bass lines, galactic tones and trippy synths that make up the template for the signature sound of Ne.Hau.


With their last EP called “I Like It”, released by Deeplomatic Recordings, Ne.Hau showcases six amazing bangers with remix collaborations for two of the tracks included in the EP.

Three versions of the “I Like It” track will be included, the original plus collaborations with DJ W!LD and Rodrigo Ferrari. Followed by the original version of “Deepchit” and the remix made by Jay Tripwire; and for the last track, the original version of “Confirmation Bias” made by the duo.

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