“Mumma Said”: Dance & Pop New Mix of Talents


Gabriel Wenner (NASH) is a Dj/producer from Manchester, UK. His music is characterized for being a mix of various genres such as Pop, Dance, Trance, House backgrounds with a touch of Rock. He’s currently resident of Ibiza Club Radio and founder of The Green Room Music (brand, label and radio) & Trance Religion UK (brand of new dance party). Their songs have vocals that inspire and generate good vibes as is the case with this new release “Mumma Said”.

Elliot James is the guitarist, songwriter and singer for “Mumma Said”. Since 2019, he has had a strong presence on Instagram and TikTok, in which he makes covers of popular songs and engages with more than one million followers. This time, he is making his first original production collaborating with other artists.

“This marks the start of a journey in original music”Elliot James

The protagonist of giving the voice of this theme is the group LCKDWN, also from the city of Manchester, UK. Sam, Luck and Matty are a teenage group that created LCKDWN in 2021 and they gained a lot of popularity on social networks too, with 12k followers just in a year. His followers have been waiting for this release that has the feeling of being the song of the summer.

Gabriel Wenner and The Greenroom

release music pop dance Mumma Said

The new track “Mumma Said” goes hand in hand with GreenRoom; the label, brand and radio created in March 2020 by Nash who uploads content about releases, interviews, news, vlogs and hosted The GreenRoom Radio Show. At this time, Gabriel (Nash) released this song with these young talents that give fresh air to the label and it gives them chances to make themselves known in the international industry.


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