Peggy Gou

The World’s Hippest DJ Peggy Gou In The New 2021 Lacoste Campaign: Crocodiles Play Collective

Probably the most stylish DJs out there, Peggy Gou is one of the new global ambassadors for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2021 Lacoste campaign: Crocodiles Play Collective.

Alongside A$AP Nast, Evan Mock, Louise Bourgoin, Sonny Hall, Melanie Thierry and Salif Gueye, Peggy showed what a collective means to her. These seven passionate creatives were captured in their cities by seven talented photographers to represent different points of view and create one great story. The well-known crocodile travelled between Paris, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles and London.

Captured by Vitali Gelwich in Berlin, Peggy explained how important a collective is: "A collective is your chosen family: my close friends who give me positive energy and whose creativity is very inspiring. With them I share good things such as music, fashion, gastronomy, architecture, interior design, but also, my problems.". She was photographed with her closest circle of friends in a surrounding that inspired her on a daily basis while wearing the polo with her particular sense of elegance.

Peggy Gou x Lacoste

The iconic symbol of the Lacoste brand, the crocodile, has the power to unleash movement and connect different cultures. It transcends generations, gender, style and borders and weaves unlimited links. He is sketchy and exotic, and represents longevity and respect. Its playground has no limits, it is open to all and welcomes every type of character. The result is an infinite palette of encounters which find harmony in their contrasts. It celebrates the beauty of the game of life when our differences come together creatively.

This is the story that Lacoste wants to share. To go further, together. Our differences, once united, make us richer and stronger. Permanently on the move, the crocodile reinvents itself through those who wear it and this emblematic object becomes a platform of expression that allows you to tell your own story.

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'Music is a vast space which gives opportunity for continuous exploration.'