Portuguese Producer BRANKO Releases ‘OOO’, a Deep, Winding Track, on September 2021

Branko is inspired by his native roots creating a theme for the summer, ‘Out Of Office’, launched through his label Enchufada

Following the release of his single ‘CTG’, Branko launches his newest offering ‘OOO’. A deep track, full of twisted sonics and energetic percussion, highlighting Branko’s talents for crafting uplifting dance floor with an introspective edge.

The Portuguese producer has kept busy over the last 12 months showcasing the beauty of his home country, filming DJ sets in stunning iconic locations around Portugal on his Youtube channel. His videos are characterised by natural landscapes from different perspectives where the artist seems to interact in a symbiotic way with the surroundings.

 OOO was written for the most recent set filmed around the dramatic coastline of the Algarve, continuing the theme of releasing music made for a specific location. Like the rest of the set, it is designed for summer and heat and is a tribute to the time we spend offline to disconnect from everyday life.

The Portuguese has mainly released through his own label Enchufada, starting with a mixtape in 2013. On the 2015 debut album ‘Atlas’ he presented a Lisbon-focused global music perspective while connecting artists from all over the world. Two years ago he again found a whole community of artists to enrich his innovative and warm sound with lyrics in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French on the album ‘Nosso’ (‘Ours’).

Branko is deeply involved in many facets of the creation and the ongoing establishment of new Portuguese-speaking music scenes. This had led to him being viewed as a kind of cultural agitator, active on many fronts besides being a recording and touring artist.

The artist has participated in many projects; making music with the collective Buraka Som Sistema, creating, producing and presenting the travel show ‘Club Atlas’ for Portuguese national television, producing for MIA and he has a monthly radio show ‘Enchufada Na Zona’, via NTS Radio.

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