SilverTwins Release DTF? A Sexy Tune For The Disco

The first in a series of singles by Swedish Funk collective SilverTwins Of Funk featuring Jenny Silver is now released. The song is called  DTF? (Down to Funk, are You?) a groovy, sexy tune, in the funk and disco tradition, but modern sounding.

It´s shiny, glittering, SilverFunk with a twist of boogie and disco, in presence of the P!

Jenny Silver


Since Jenny Silver’s career took off at the age of 17, she has frequently appeared in the Swedish media, performed at the biggest TV shows in Sweden, been awarded a Swedish Grammy, had numerous play-listed songs on the radio, topped the Swedish chart for several weeks; she has been featured in the biggest magazines, was voted Sweden’s sexiest woman and performed and toured all over Sweden and other European countries.

In addition to solo appearances and achievements, Jenny has also been involved in numerous cross-genre collaborations with many of Sweden’s topmost names in the music industry, ranging from legendary jazz musicians such as Svante Thuresson and pianist Georg Riedel, always gaining prize and respect among fellow musicians and reviewers.

SilverTwins Of Funk are a songwriting/producer team:

Fronkpac & Matt the guitarman (Fredrik Jahn & Mattias Adolfsson, Stonefunkers, Funkmachines, Done Guntan). Close and recurring collaborations include Swedish funk giant M-Rock Emrik Larsson (Stonefunkers, WeFunky Band), Wojtek Goral (Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd and more).

The first single was released in June 2020. Since then 9 singles have reached the world. The Sunday Funk video has been shown on USA-TV, the songs have radio plays on all five continents. Several of the songs have been on R&B charts in several countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia.

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