Soma Records Head Honchos Slam Have released Volume 1 Of Their Potent “Louder Than Chaos Project”

This is the first in a series of 5 releases on 12” vinyl and digital on Soma Records. The future volumes feature collaborations with Slam & Amelie Lens, Slam & Rebekah, Slam & AnD and finally Slam & Perc.


In March 2020 the world was abruptly thrown into collective disarray. The pandemic stopped almost everything dead in its tracks. No social gatherings, self-isolation, a sense of panic and bewilderment prevailed. An industry that had become so dependent on human connection and unity, was suddenly switched off and put on pause for an unforeseeable future.

It was in this climate that “The Louder Than Chaos” project was born, facilitated by Soma Records’ head honchos and Techno protagonists Slam. A collaborative project with friends, colleagues and contemporaries normally only seen at airports, or events, now brought together under a completely different set of circumstances, allowing for a purposeful connection in a time of disconnect. The focus of the project is built on powerful mutual participation, remotely constructed over time and fully intended for holding court on peak time dance floors when they inevitably return. That time has now finally come.

The Louder Than Chaos project is a series of 5 releases, on 12 vinyl” & Digital, to be released monthly via Soma Records. Featuring collaborations between Slam & Héctor Oaks, Slam & 999999999, Slam & Keith Tucker (AKA Optic Nerve), Slam & Amelie Lens, Slam & Rebekah, Slam & AnD and finally Slam & Perc.

The first three tracks are available here.

Each EP features specially commissioned artwork from German-based artist @pppanik, which consolidates into one constructive piece over the 5 releases.

Opening Volume 1, Slam pairs with Italian rave starters 999999999 for “Conveyor”. Arguably one of the hardest tracks in the project, both artists combine to unleash a furious and twisted acid techno stomper. Madrid born, vinyl enthusiast Héctor Oaks is next up, joining Slam on a proper, attitude-filled techno excursion with “Pathfinder”; its heady melodic elements mask a driving and potent track. Detroit originator Optic Nerve helps Slam to close out the EP with the Motor City electronics of “Machine Conflict”. Early Slam influence mixes perfectly with the Detroit native’s unique electro sound. 

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