Spacey Gray

Spacey Gray Presents His Latest Remix of Gorillaz Hit Song ‘Feel Good Inc’

The talented DJ and music producer Spacey Gray is back with another powerful release, this time, he shares his impressive take on the iconic Gorillaz track, showcasing his unique style and mighty sound.

Following the release of another banger ‘Will Powah’, the Australian DJ continues to share his unbeatable sound with a constant stream of releases.

His passion for music, continuous sonic and genre experimentation, and his aim to create and provide uplifting listening experiences to his fans is surely evident in this new release that displays his experience and skills in all its brightness. This time, he manages to make a well-known hit and transform it into an even fiercer banger.

Coming from Melbourne, Spacey Gray is a gifted DJ and music producer who has developed his skills and sound to build an impressive music career packed with outstanding productions that explore the artist’s passion for music, vision and boundless creativity. His eclectic style is reflected by his love for all genres of music which can be seen blended into his releases.

Experimental by heart, Spacey Gray’s ethos for electronic music is to create blissful moments of soulful presence; to be immersed in the moment. The sonic waves of Spacey Gray intend to bring bliss, joy and to provoke thought.

Spacey Gray

The track ‘Feel Good Inc.’ starts off with an energetic pounding beat and an underlying atmospheric pad. The steady beat guides the listening experience while vocal chops and other sonic elements add a mysterious vibe to this special remix. A powerful release driven by a wobbly bassline takes the track to a new level, maintaining its driving and active characteristics. An uplifting pad joins the mix to take the track home, as the steady beat keeps the energy at a high level till the end.

Spacey Gray’s refreshing and energizing version of the Gorillaz original is certainly an impressive listening experience.

This new release shines a light on Spacey Gray’s talent and proficiency as a DJ, creating a whole new experience for its listeners, and bringing a new banger to the table with the signature and high-quality approval of this unmissable artist.

‘Feel Good Inc.’ is out now and available for download here:

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