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The Martinez Brothers Fashion Trends for Spring 2022

The famous Dj/Producer duo from the BronxThe Martinez Brothers, has gained a lot of fans in the latest years with more than 600k followers on Instagram, The amazing mix of sounds with House, Hip Hop, TechnoLatin music thanks to its Puerto Rican roots make the best tracks, they have a special vibe that combined with the fashion trends makes everybody love their presentation on stage.

Not only do good music and events, but they are also IMG fashion models. 


These guys have always had good ideas for outfits and work with different designers some of the best of the best. When in the pandemic they made a super-cool Instagram live in Miami collaborating with Carolina Herrera, wearing beautiful sweaters. They also work with Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli, Fendi, DKNY, Versace and were good friends of the incredible Virgil Abloh, designer of Off White, they make collaborations by wearing pieces of the designer in their performances all over the world and has their own line called Morphe 7.

The Martinez Brothers also had a few years working like models with IMG, this is one of the DKYN campaigns they were participating.


The fashion Spring’s trends this year are back to basics, jeans and white undershirts, a little bit of sparkle, corsets, and oversized clothes. Also bright colors, bold colors, a lot of popcorn textures, and color block jackets, it’s all about 90s vibes.

You can appreciate how Martinez takes that fashion trend and show us on their Instagram account. They love to enjoy the trends but keep their New York vintage style which always is a good inspiration for the fans, Here they are wearing some of the trends in this collaboration with Louis Vuitton last week in LA.

fashion music trends Martinez Brothers
Martinez Brothers wearing Louis Vuitton @themartinezbros on Instagram.

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