Emerging Artist WREXLEY Strikes Powerfully With Midtempo Electronic Music Bop ‘Insanity’ 

WREXLEY returns with his heavy-bass banger, “Insanity”, to further cement his position as one of this generation’s most up-and-coming innovative electronic music producers. 

Since the end of 2022, WREXLEY has been releasing new electric EDM tracks that keep the MidTempo genre fresh and enthralling. Starting with early projects in Techno and House music, WREXLEY has developed his sound over nearly a year of experimentation within multiple electronic music genres.  

” The lack of EDM in my youth really affected me as an adult because discovering it late kind of launched my interest full speed, and led me to where I am now. I think that’s really why I got obsessed so fast, and that part of my background is really what led me to become so passionate about this type of music.” – WREXLEY

With early inspirations from artists such as Rezz, Excision, and even Porter Robinson, the Pennsylvanian-based artist draws on many types of electronic music to fuel his creativity.  
Since his first hitmaker of a release, ‘I See Myself In You, he has gained an obsession with creating and sharing slow, heavy bass drops mixed with eerie atmospheres showcasing the perfect fusion of the artist’s unique sound and style. 

WREXLEY is the part of me that loves slow heavy EDM. When I use the name and put
on the mask, I feel like a personified version of the passion I have inside for MidTempo.
It is the part of me that feels free to express my creativity and is confident enough to share it with whoever will care to listen


Unyielding basslines, frenzied rhythms and an unmistakable breakdown riff form the backbone of the creative composition of ‘Insanity’, as the talented producer takes us on a powerful peak-time journey through an uncompromising three-minute original.

Mastering dynamic soundscapes and hard-hitting atmospheres, WREXLEY’s treatment across sound elements are both gratifyingly dark and mind-bending hypnotic, engaging the listener from the very first beat drop.

Complete with impressive complexity and hi-octane energy throughout, the producer capitalizes on his innate ability to draw you into his captivating construct, as he explores a remarkable array of timbres from across the MidTempo spectrum. 

‘Insanity’ was meant to bring the tone of the new album away from the others. As
shown by the album cover, it was bringing the art and tracks away from the space theme and
beckoning a new era of mind-based themes. I would describe my music as an experimental entrance into the MidTempo world.

Living up to the characteristics of the MidTempo genre with a driving 4-on-the-floor beat, abrasive basses, glitchy fills and dark atmospheres, this track is undoubtedly a certified weapon to have fun with as well as the artist himself.  

With a humbling personality and determined goals in mind, the gifted artist aims to connect with people worldwide through his music.

“My vision for myself as an artist is to bring new interesting music to the world and someday
share it through live performances that will never be forgotten. I really strive to be the best artist
I can be musically, but a big part of the vision is to share the music live” – WREXLEY

With two EPs, one album, and several singles, WREXLEY shows no signs of slowing down and is eager to fuel your craving for MidTempo music. With many more projects and the new release ‘All In Your Head‘ in the arsenal, we cannot wait to see how this norm-breaker proves himself to be an EDM MidTempo mainstay for the long haul.

Insanity is out now and available to stream across all platforms.  

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