Spectacular Talent XÆRA Releases Pure Gem, “Dead Format”  

Well-known for their implementation of futuristic sounds and originally written in 2020, XÆRA kicks back with their new track ‘Dead Format‘.  

From the untold corners of the internet, from an alternate reality, there it XÆRA. An entity that fell through the universe, a being with a simple message.  
Starting their project five years ago, yet did not release any music until the beginning of 2021, they first came to the attention of SoundCloud after releasing various remixes such as ‘Daft Punk – Da Funk & Ian Van Dahl – Castle In The Sky’.  
Over the last year, they have started experimenting with analogue, digital and foley sounds to create a Dark, Futuristic, Melodic Sound – a combination of Future Bass, Midtempo and NeoTrance. With an unknown origin, they manage to paint a vivid picture of sound, noise and minimalism through their unique yet brilliant music. 
Their latest track ‘Dead Format‘ has already been played on the radio and has caught the attention of many profiles on, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram with its catchy beats and hypnotising synths resulting in serving as a stellar example of their musical intelligence.  

XÆRA – A New Rising Underground Talent  

With fans worldwide who adore the Dark Melodic Electronic Music XÆRA creates, this outstanding artist has a bright future.  

Taking us through a futuristic universe in the blazing track ‘Dead Format’, the reckless artist offers you an eccentric musical experience with alternative, powerful, and innovative sounds. The expansive, almost synthwave-esque soundscapes are interspersed with delicate but pulsating percussive hits and stuttering sonic glitches to take us even further afield into a glittering starfield breakdown. The track is balled with futuristic style coupled with nostalgic cinematic experimentation and constructed by both digital and analogue technology leaving us with dramatic yet pleasing synth work.  

XÆRA’s musical background shows their captivating ability to incorporate multidimensional digital and acoustic percussion into modern electronic music and with this, the track comes together piece by piece to create a rollercoaster of sounds oozing with emotion. Speaking on their inspiration behind the track, XÆRA says,  

“To create both sizes of coin and have it played on the dance floor, I can really turn the heads of people that are interested and get extremely positive reactions in clubs” – XÆRA 


Pushing music boundaries in their home country through digital formats, XÆRA believes that not all electronic music has to be happy or dark underground. However, it can be both when well-produced.  

One day, Humans will understand that world, this sounds reach out in, in a new diverse way and embraces and challenges the listener.” – XÆRA 

The new magnetic track, “Dead Format”, shows the artist’s boundary-pushing production style and is unveiling their most ambitious and thoughtful project yet. An epic voyage that leaves you breathless and spaced out but very much feeling at home with this talented artist. 
With many more projects in the pipeline, we cannot wait to see what adventure XÆRA will go on.  

Grab your copy now and go with them on a voyage into the unknown. 

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