Black Elektronika

Black Elektronika: The Nigerian DJ And Producer presents His Inspiring EP “Anansi”

Black Elektronika a producer, DJ, sound engineer, composer. Born in Nigeria, but raised in Milan, Italy. He is proficient at mostly all kinds of music, and he is finally planning to take his in-depth knowledge, technical skills, and excellent showmanship to the next level.Throughout his career, Black Elektronika showcased a consistently positive track record of high-quality music releases, and unparalleled preeminence as a sound engineer, producer, performer, and musician.

Currently, Black Elektronika lives in Berlin, Germany, taking the buzzing local music scene with his creative sound and kaleidoscopic artistic vision that knows no limits.He presents us his latest EP “Anansi“; He describes his project as a symbol of resistance and survival. Anansi will be out on March 11th 2021 on Sound Optix.

The first track on the EP is called “Anansi”, up next we have “Uhuru” a melodious track full of rich harmonies that inspires the listener and finally, “Zulu” a rich of interesting sounds and thriving vocals.

Black Elektronika

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