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Mirage de Son releases GPX Racing 24 hours of Spa 2021 anthem featuring Tiffany Sharee

French Techno producer Mirage de Son continues to be in demand following his prominent EP GPX Racing 24 Hours.

Now happy to present a new collaboration with GPX, racing for the Total 24 Hours of Spa 2021 race with the single “Victory Is Mine” featuring vocals from Tiffany Sharee.

On account of his restless sound and good luck the original soundtracks brought the 2019 24 hours of SPA winners, GPX Racing decided to partner with Mirage de Son again and create something innovative and exciting! The result of this union is a new anthem ideal for hyping up for a competition, working out or online gaming. A track for the winners in us!!!

Mirage de Son started his creative adventure making samples and beats with legendary synths from Roland and his trusted Amiga computer. Now his sound has evolved into incorporating virtual synths and samples to create new rhythms which you can hear in Victory Is Mine”.

Tiffany Sharee’s voice fully melts with the Techno/Dance beat and helps to create an atmospheric feeling of power and freedom perfectly suited for facing any important challenge.

I strive to write music with melodies that are catchy and lyrics that promote positive messages for all ages. I enjoy collaborations as it opens up doors organically and provides a platform into the other artists’ world. It is also tons of fun to engage with like-minded creatives during the process. When I write, I draw inspiration from real-life experiences such as what I may be going through at that moment, and I try to express that emotion and experience in a way that everyone could relate to.

Mirage de Son

For Mirage de Son “Victory Is Mine” is also the first single of his upcoming “Series” project.

“Albums or EP’s are digital formats based on the length of vinyls and CDs. However today, most of the music is listened to via streaming platforms, hence it was time to think outside of the discs. I create heterogeneous music but mainly within the same Techno sub-genres.

Hence, I will regularly release singles, like episodes of a TV series, within those Techno sub-genres that will be grouped in “Series” such as 70/80’s, Deep Dark, ACID 303, also continuing the partnership with GPX Racing and more to come, so stay tuned.”

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